Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Analytics add enormous value to the Manufacturing Enterprise vs Historical based reporting / Data Warehouse platforms. Reason is, Smart Factory Analytics collect Data from any Factory Digital Asset / System. There by enabling Production visibility in; Real Time, Trend, Correlative, Prescriptive and even Predictive form.

One of the monumental benefits of Smart Factory Analytics is the ability to drive Production towards Key Performance Indicators and manage the Trend to those goals. Of equal importance are insights to perform effective root cause analysis. As an example, few Tech Manufacturing companies claim 100% Yield, Equipment Utilization, or Quality. But our future success dictates we seek to achieve these Manufacturing goals each and every day.

Finally, Smart Factory Analytics provide daily ‘Cycles of Learning’ with quick identification of issues to support rapid analysis and remediation.

Smart Factory Analytics

  • Predictive
    (What will happen)
  • Diagnostic
    (Why did it happen)
  • Descriptive
    (What Happened) Data Warehouse supported.
  • Prescriptive
    (What action to take)
  • Real Time
    • Essential for making immediate In-Line Decisions
  • Correlative & Trend
    • Experiments, Process / Equipment Changes
    • Operational Efficiency

Smart Analytics – Drive Continuous Improvements