Professional Services

Professional Services

Athena Professional services practice includes a full suite of Discovery, Software Selection, Implementation, Development, Integration and Support Services for PLM, ERP/ EBS, MES, CMMS and Smart Factory Analytics. Athena’s managed IT support services offerings in Enterprise Application Support, Automated Testing, Defect Tracking, Remote Monitoring, Cyber Security Management and Staff Augmentation for mission critical resources We are an ISO 9001 Certified organization.


Our Discovery Services are both Technology and Business Focused. We look at our Clients current Systems / Technology and Process landscape to assess both Current and Future Desired State. The Gaps between these state’s shed essential light on the Solution Design and Strategies to address. A Proper Discovery process leads to a clear understanding the Technologies and Solution Design to reach our Customer’s desired Future State.


Solution Design is performed by our Expert Solutions Architects, who ensure the ‘Finish Line’ is well understood, measurable, addresses all key Process / Technology gaps, is scheduled in Phases as required, to achieve the highest value for the least Time / Cost to the Customer.


Athena’s Global Development Team is well versed at connecting the many Dots of the Digital Technology Landscape. Whether extending Application functionality, developing insightful Analytics, or Integrating the many Systems / Digital Assets that interoperate along the Business Process Life Cycle.


Our Implementation methodology uses both a traditional waterfall to collection / define Requirements, and Agile Sprints to manage work efforts in fast paced / short intervals. We find this mix achieves the best of both worlds, and very effective at delivering on scope / on time and ultimately delighting our Customers.


We have found that concluding an engagement at Implementation Go-Live, can leave a Customer short of realizing their expected value. Ideally, Users have time to develop ‘muscle memory’, likewise Analytics and reporting should be at acomfortable state of maturity. At Athena, we work with each Customer to ensure we complete each Project to the Customer’s desired state of maturity / readiness, to ensure the intended Business Value is realized.