Today’s semiconductor manufacturing processes face extreme reliability and yield expectations. To be successful, we need to assure that the purity of the process and equipment availability are up to expectations. To this end, the Semiconductor industry was one of the first to adopt the use of an MES to Control / Track the flow of Production in process. And in the world of IIOT are uniquely positioned to benefit by extending their MES and Factory Equipment / Metrology integration

In Partnership with our Clients, Athena provides a full Suite of PLM, MES, CMMS, Factory Equipment integration and Analytics Services for the Semiconductor Industry. With Siemens Camstar MES often considered a ‘Best in Class’ solution in the Semiconductor Industry, Athena also a Certified Siemens MOM/ MESAlliance Partner.

MED Devices

Every industry has unique challenges. Beyond traditional manufacturing, the medical device industry has greater needs for error-proofing processes, paperless manufacturing, electronic device history records (eDHR) and electronic batch records (eBR).

In addition, the challenge of balancing cost reductions and regulatory compliance while consistently producing high-quality products.

At Athena, we have a proven track record of helping medical device Customers excel in the face of these challenges. We bring our best practices in medical device manufacturing and faster out-of-the-box implementations. This enables our Customers to accelerate innovation, reduce cost, and achieve the highest quality products, while making compliance a by-product of excellent manufacturing processes.

LED / Laser Diode

Where Diode production has similarities to Semiconductor Front End processes, LEDs and Laser Diodes have vastly different Back-end Manufacturing processes, needed to create final products. Likewise, this industry often has a more complex supply chain, due to vertically integrated product lines. Creating CM/ Supplier integration needs to align Forecast demand, JIT deliveries, as well as Supplier Lot quality controls that often follow SPC (Statistical Process Control) elements.

At Athena, we are well versed in these many challenges and have rapid implementation capabilities to that result in a holistic, tightly integrated, highly robust, data centric and scalable Manufacturing Enterprise.


There are many nuances to Solar Manufacturing. Whether it be the Applied Materials, Laser Scribe, the importance of In-line & Off-line SPC, Factory Automation, Continuous Experiment Management and a deep need for Insightful Analytics. Like many Industries, Solar has a learning curve. Fortunately, Athena has deep expertise in Solar and truly enjoy these production / technology challenges.


MES Solutions for the Electronics Industry includes; PCB, PCBA, Mechanical Assembly, box-build and Test. As this is typically a high volume production process, a streamlined low touch MES that can ensure product quality at each step, at high volume / high yield are a key measure of success for most of our Customers.